Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just keep dreaming.

Children are the biological reason for anyone on Earth to continue being on Earth. Children are the paths to tomorrow, the future leaders of the world. Teachers and educators should take great honor in their positions in society, because they are literally shaping the future of all humanity. No adult should ever tell a child to stop dreaming, their dreams are the future discoveries of science, classic novels, or end to famine. In fact, although any child is best at dreaming, everyone should be doing it. Think up new and exciting things is what makes life really worth it. The things we learn enable us to put to use the things we dream up. As the school year comes to a close, remember that although learning may stop, thinking does not have to. This is a message widely known to the population, and continually expressed through speeches and media. These speeches below are just some of the few. The new movie Tomorrowland focuses on the dreamers of this world. People, however, usually do not get the message. Start thinking, start dreaming, start doing things that can change the world for all of us or change your world. Stay hungry, stay foolish, keep thinking.

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